UCI for Education(Case study)

Usage Scenario

Class teacher of Geeta, a class 5 student from Govt. School, Gurgaon, Haryana has shared a number with her. She has asked her to send a WhatsApp message ‘Hi UCIBot’ on this number. She has been told to enter her details on the bot and take a quiz and oral test. Teacher wants her to submit the printout of her scorecard in the next class.

Steps for Geeta:

  1. Geeta sends starting message to the bot

  2. Geeta confirms her identity

  3. Geeta selects the subject for quiz

  4. Geeta answers all the questions in her quiz

  5. Bot prompts for oral assessment

  6. Geeta follows the instruction and starts to read

  7. At the end of the quiz, Geeta gets a link to download her report

  8. Geeta takes a printout of the quiz report and submits it to her class teacher (can also share the downloaded report via WhatsApp with her class teacher)

Here is how it works:

  1. Student Initiates the conversation with bot

  2. User is mapped, if the user does not exist their profile is created

  3. Role based access level for the user is checked

  4. Check menu list mapped to user role is checked

  5. Menu list is updated (based on user)

  6. User is shown the dynamic menu

  7. User selects Hindi Quiz

  8. Orchestrator initiates the Quiz Transformer

  9. Quiz questions are updated

  10. Objective quiz is initiated

  11. Student submits Quiz answers for objective quiz

  12. Oral reading quiz is initiated

  13. Student’s audio is recorded and submitted

  14. Local language audio to is converted to text using external service

  15. Student results for audio test is updated

  16. Student text inputs are checked

  17. Student’s final result is updated

  18. Student’s report card (pdf format) is requested to be generated

  19. Orchestrator receives the report card from the PDF generator

  20. Additional content links to be shared with the student is requested

  21. Content links are updated for the message

  22. Student receives the report card with learning content links

Note: This section provides an example case study. The purpose is to illustrate a set of real-life case studies and not enumerate all possible usage scenarios. It is expected that the user ecosystem will innovate and find more interesting usage scenarios for this simple and unified communication interface.

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