Sunbird UCI

Frontend Setup (Admin Console)

Your machine should have yarn or npm.

Note: Preferable versions

node 12
npm 6

Check the node and npm version by running the following commands.

node -v
npm -v

Installation Steps:

1. Fork it

You can get your own fork/copy of Frontend by using the Fork button.

2. Clone it

You need to clone (download) it to a local machine using git clone
Once you have cloned the uci-admin repository in GitHub, move to that folder first using the change directory command.
This will change directory to a folder
cd uci-admin
Move to this folder for all other commands.

3. Set it up

Run the following commands to see that your local copy has a reference to your forked remote repository in GitHub
git remote -v
By running the above command, you can see that the local copy has a reference to the forked remote repository in GitHub.
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

4. Run it

Install dependencies

npm install

5. Build

ng build –prod
Build @dist

Run frontend application in dev environment

ng serve
Browse - http://localhost:4000
Run standalone module in dev environment