UCI use cases

Unified Communications Interface (UCI) aims to democratize the use of different communication channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, email and more across all governance use cases.

Let's try and understand indicative use cases across two sectors - Education and Agriculture.

UCI for School Education

UCI for School Education has the potential to reduce information asymmetry between teachers, students, parents & the government machinery while strengthening the digital learning ecosystem.

The table below covers some of the major and representative use cases that UCI can potentially enable in education:

CategoryAs aI want toSo that

Administrative Surveys

Government Officer

report progress for educational government initiatives

I can inform senior government officers about progress in my jurisdiction



attempt quizzes on UCI Bot

I can easily practise and prepare for my final examinations



view student quiz reports on UCI Bot

I can monitor my students' performance and support them

Content discovery


view learning content on UCI Bot

I can improve my keep upskilling myself and support my students in a better way



receive remedial learning content based on quiz score on UCI Bot

I can improve my learning and understanding about key topics

UCI for Agriculture

UCI for Agriculture has the potential of enabling higher incomes for the farmer through access to the right information at the right time.

The table below covers some of the major and representative use cases that UCI can potentially enable in agriculture:

CategoryAs aI want toSo that



access dynamic weather-based crop advisories

I can plan for any adversaries in advance

Information Dissemination


receive best farming / breeding practices

I can improve my productivity and thereafter produce and income



understand on-field input prices (seeds, fertilizers, etc)

I can take corrective action where required



share actionable steps with poor performing district officers

they can take those steps and improve performance

Similarly there can be multiple use cases across other sectors - skilling, employment, local governance and healthcare among others.

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