Posthog Event


PostHog is the all-in-one product analytics suite. PostHog provides everything product-led teams need in one place, including:

  • Product Analytics

  • Aggregate Dashboard

  • Insights

  • User lifecycle

  • Event pipelines

  • Export data

In UCI we are also using PostHog for creating aggregate dashboard by sending the events on each conversation. The events follow given specification.

Steps to use PostHog events

1. Create Posthog Account

First we would need to create a new account on Posthog & get a project api key. The project api key will be available in Project Settings of Posthog account.

2. Enable Posthog Event in UCI

To enable posthog events in UCI follow below steps.

  1. Add below environment variables for posthog url & api key. Link to environments of UCI.

  2. Add environment to enable posthog event.

  3. After the posthog events are enabled, UCI will send all conversations as events to posthog. we can generate aggregate dashboard with these events using insights, actions etc.

3. Create insights in Posthog

We can create insights like counts, graphs etc using posthog insights. Use this documentation to better understand the insights, funnels, life-cycle etc that posthog provides.

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